How Relentless Works

Relentless serves as a consultant to organizations, health care institutions, government programs and others who seek to build a more robust health component in their interventions. Relentless works in many places and across many cultures. The organizations also differ in scope of practice from prevention to outreach and rescue to long-term aftercare.

Where Relentless Is Based

We are based in Bangkok, but travel to many locations throughout Asia, the Americas, and Eastern Europe.

Latest News

Orphans and Human Trafficking

This month on the Relentless Facebook page I’ve been posting about orphans, orphantourism (or voluntourism) and the link to human trafficking. Although the institutionalization of children is bad enough, quite a few deplorable unscrupulous people are profiting off of the practice and using children to make money, which is the definition of human trafficking. Why
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CheckPoint Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2017

The 2nd quarter newsletter has been published on MailChimp here. If you would like to subscribe to get these directly to your email inbox in the future please subscribe to the mailing list on the home page! Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon!  

Dr. Katherine recieves Honorary Degree from University of Indianapolis

When I saw the subject line in my email, “Honorary Degree…” I didn’t quite know what to make of it. Surely it doesn’t mean what I think it means. So I went for a run and opened it later. It turns out, yes, indeed was being awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Science from my alma
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CheckPoint Newsletter First Quarter 2017

This year has started out in a different, yet very good, direction. With the recent partnership with Labour Rights Protection Network (LPN) and Multi- stakeholder Initiative for Accountable Supply Chain of Thai Fisheries (MAST), Relentless is doing much more work in the area of labour exploitation and trafficking. I partnered with MAST on our joint
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Field Trip

Last week I traveled with Labour Rights Promotion Network (LPN) on a field trip to Rayong and Khlong Yai near the Cambodian border. We visited a couple of LPN’s Learning Centers that serve as a remedial school/drop-in center for migrant children who otherwise have no place to go. Although it is Thai law that migrant children are allowed to
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